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  • WIP Phone

    6,962.00 Including GST

    WiP Phone is an innovative Hardware that augments smart capabilities to land-line telephone. The WiP Phone connects to your smartphone using YelloTone application.

    Use unused land-line minutes; No more call drops .. and more …

  • YellowTone – Landline phone over Wifi

    0.00 Including GST

    YellowTone Android Application pairs up with the WiP Phone hardware to enable smart capabilities to your landline phone.

  • DetourAlert

    0.00 Including GST

    Passengers safety and security using ground transportation like taxi, rickshaws or local buses has always been a concern. The recent incidents across the country has heightened the women passengers’ safety and security concerns. Detour Alert smartphone application is a promising step towards addressing this concern through built in intelligent algorithms that help detect a detour from the expected rout that alerts the user and designated family members or friends.